Senior Year Plan

Here are things that Senior’s in High School should definitely be doing if they want to play soccer in college.

  • Continue to work hard in your academic courses
  • Submit NCAA Clearinghouse form in the fall of your senior year
  • Take and/or retake the standardized tests (SAT’s or ACT’s) as needed. Check with your counselor for national testing dates
  • Obtain college applications
  • Meet with your counselor to review application materials
  • Write a personal statement
  • Complete Financial Aid forms early – Profile form in the fall (only needed for select colleges), FAFSA as soon as possible, after January 1st (required for all colleges)
  • Continue to visit the campuses of those schools in which you are interested. It is recommended that you either call or write for an appointment to meet with a coach, admissions officer, financial aid advisor and departmental chairperson
  • Apply to several colleges. Even if you are going to apply “early decision” to one college, there is never a guarantee of admittance
  • Continue to write, call or e‐mail coaches expressing interest in their school and athletic programs
  • Update your athletic resume
  • Be prompt in your response regarding college questionnaires or other similar requests
  • Continue to train hard to be as prepared as possible for the collegiate game!

Students and parents must take the initiative and work on their own behalf. Please do not sit back and wait for someone to do it for you. Staying on top of all the information throughout the high school years makes it easier when the actual time comes to applying for college.