Freshman-Sophomore Year Plan for High School

Here are a few things that Freshman and Sophomore players in High School can start to do to begin the college soccer recruiting process.


  • Set an Academic Plan for school year with counselor to meet all core course requirements
  • Take a strong academic course load
  • Meet with your coach and parents to review your plan
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA out of 4.0 in core courses
  • Start listing 20+ schools you are interested in
  • Start to build a contact list (include school, coaches name, email, phone etc.)
  • View college athletic web sites. Most have a simple questionnaire you may fill out and email to the coach. Also view college athletic rosters to see number of athletes graduating, as well as potential trends in recruiting (area, high schools, leagues)
  • Start to gather additional information to write your personal cover letter, update profile/resume
  • Talk with your coach about other opportunities to increase your exposure (ODP, id2 program, PDP program, attend camps/clinics)
  • Start to videotape games
  • Keep records of your athletic achievements and extracurricular activities
  • Sign up and take PSAT’s
  • Attend College Night and High School functions
  • Attend Alleycats SC College Night (Date & Time TBD)
  • Plan to visit College Campuses and attend matches to learn about school and soccer programs