College Placement Program

About the program:

Alleycats Soccer Club are very proud to introduce a College Placement Program to begin in Fall 2016.  This program leads the way in college preparation and showcasing and preparing the Alleycats player for future opportunities. It is geared towards players in our U15 - U19 age groups with the entire purpose to provide players the opportunities needed to go on and play college soccer.

We believe that the majority of a player’s success will be a result of what happens in training and with that we create an environment for training that resembles college training sessions and fosters an environment that’s competitive, educational and fun.  The training will best prepare the player and result in him/her being ready to show well on game day and ultimately being prepared for the college game. 

 Alleycats SC is committed to helping every player with the desire, ability, and motivation to play college soccer.  We believe that there is a good college program for every player who is passionate about the game.  Provided that you are a hard working, dedicated soccer player and STUDENT who is committed to training and playing at a high level, our goal is to help you get to college.

Our goal is to graduate every Alleycats player first to college for their education, and then to a school that they can continue to play the game that they love!  

To get started, click HERE to fill out our player questionnaire.